Tyre Sizes

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Tyre Sizes

Post by stavmax »

Hi is anyone using 120/80-16 & 120/90-17 tyre sizes? If so what do you think? Also has anyone tried Avon Road Riders?

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Re: Tyre Sizes

Post by dylanns400r »

I have the same question. I am desperately in need for answers regarding using different tire sizes from the spec.
Can I use the following?

Front: 100/90-16 M/C 54H
Rear: 120/90 -17 M/C 64V

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Re: Tyre Sizes

Post by Channel Hopper »

The BT45 in 100/90 is the most common tyre I know of.

I would not consider fitting a 120 section on the front rim.

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Re: Tyre Sizes



What size front tyre when using the 17 × 2.5 rim ? With the time I have on my hands I have built the 17 inch wheel ready to fit but not sure on the best size, I have the 140 / 70 x 17 rear already fitted,

Seems to be the choices are either 100 / 80 x 17, 110 / 70 x 17 0r possibly 110 / 80 x 17 ? It looks like the 110 / 70 x 17 is a bit wide for the 2.5 rim when coupled with the low profile, what's the popular choice ?

Regards Jeff, stay safe

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