larger front disc & rear ventilated disc

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larger front disc & rear ventilated disc

Post by William »

Comstar Wheel with larger front floating disc rotor and rear ventilated disc rotor

From a Japanese NS400R player know the information, this is my working on it:

VFR400 NC24 front forks with the brake caliper and brake rotor, PCD is the same, it's larger 20mm in diameter, rear disc VF1000R ventilation.

Because of 17" front wheel conversion, the front brake rotor feels too small, I always want to a bigger dise rotor base on the ComStar wheel, I like the ComStar wheel!
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Re: larger front disc & rear ventilated disc

Post by Channel Hopper »

It does all look like NC24 running gear, including the Nissin twin pots. The floating discs on the CBR250/400s would make more sense, being larger and two a penny in Japan, though they have twelve point fitting as opposed to ten.

The vented disc really isn't going to make any diference except add weight and cost a bomb to replace once it goes paper thin (or cracks), but if it comes with the donor rear wheel then why not.

I'm more interested in the second radiator........

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