front brake caliper rebuild

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front brake caliper rebuild

Post by snunch »

I'm rebuilding the front brake calipers. Does anyone know where I can buy the rubber boots for the caliper slide pins. Which bikes use the same calipers as on the NS400R?

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Re: front brake caliper rebuild

Post by Torp »


They have them at Nothing´s free there, though...... Expensive postage (delivery only). Good luck!

(Actually I didn´t buy enough at cmsnl when I rebuilt mine. Got a couple from Ian at also. Not new, but in good condition. He might have some.)

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Re: front brake caliper rebuild

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Many bikes share the same caliper parts, the most common is the VF500

If you need complete kits they are also available and fit a variety of other bikes.

For example ... ccessories

But I would grab a couple of complete calipers from the multiple breakers advertising them.

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