original NS

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original NS

Post by Smith1947 »

The forum has not been very active of late so it is time I do my bit.

I bought my NS in 1987 new from a dealer in Montreal who could not shift it. I was told at the that 205 were sold in Canada. I have not seen another one in years.

It is a bit battle scarred but has only been wheels up once with little damage. It has 24000 km, much of the intervening time I was working overseas and the bike in storage. Over the years I have replaced the chain , the rear shock, front fork seals, the pet cock, tires and that is all. It still runs like a dream. It has always been much faster than I am and that gap will continue to grow.

It is time for new tires, I have old oversize Dunlop Elites on it now 110/90/16 and 130/90/17. THey are not ideal and slowed the steering feel so back to original sizes. Still thinking about what brand.

I am unable to insert a picture as the site tells me it is too big (but only 313k) the google site does not seem to work either.


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Re: original NS

Post by yves072 »

I don't know in Canada but in Europe there is not much choice in original sized tyres, Bridgestones BT45 are used a lot...

Channel Hopper
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Re: original NS

Post by Channel Hopper »

If you look hard you can get Dunlop (Arrowmax) and Metzlers.

H rated, so good for 130 MPH

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Re: original NS

Post by nigelrb »

Channel Hopper wrote:
Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:28 pm
. . . H rated, so good for 130 MPH
Ah, that's good to know!! I have a 'private road' nearby! :lol:
1985 Honda NS400R

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