Faulty rev counter

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Faulty rev counter

Post by bloodnut »

hey all,

my road ns400's rev counter reads correctly to 6500-7000 rpm then goes crazy, I have changed it for my spare one and the same thing happens.

I also tried changing cdi's but its still the same.

The connectors all seem ok.

Any ideas?
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Post by Alastair »

Do a search as it has been covered before. From memory, the battery seemed to be the main suspect. It it isn't tip top, the electrical system goes a bit haywire. Check main fuse for cracks too while you are in there.

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Post by Luciano »

If you cant rev beyond 7000rpm when you drive the bike then you maybe need one of these:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lichtmaschine-Hon ... dZViewItem
Best regards, Luciano.
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Post by bloodnut »

Sorry I wasn't clear, the bikes rev's beyond 7000 rpm no problem its just the rev counter that fails.

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Post by Ian »

Faulty rev counter.
Faulty connector.
Faulty wiring from CDI to rev counter.
Faulty CDI.

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Post by Channel Hopper »

Knackered clutch springs
worn clutch plates
wet road
balding rear tyre...... :lol:

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