Zeeltronic Ignition

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ian wright
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Zeeltronic Ignition

Post by ian wright »

I've fitted a Zeeltronic programmable ignition to my big bore NS475 road bike and dyno tested it yesterday it made between 3 - 10 bhp more throughout the rev range and 3 - 5 ft lbs more torque than it's ever done before.

Power runs in 4th gear (the usual gear to check the power) were impossible as the rear tyre was slipping on the dyno's roller so runs were carried out in 5th and 6th gears, it made 81 bhp in 6th and 82 bhp in 5th, with 46 ft lb's of torque (more torque than any of the 2012 600cc bikes are making!) and was hitting peak power much faster than before so now needs higher gearing to make use of the extra power.

Considering it was making 72 bhp when PSB tested it at 140 mph I would now imagine with the extra 10 bhp & being able to pull higher gearing it would be good for between 145 - 150 mph depending on conditions, bonkers !

Will Shrink the graph and post it shortly.

Cheers Ian

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Re: Zeeltronic Ignition

Post by Alastair »

Please do. It sounds really interesting. Why do you reckon the Zeeltronic adds to the power?

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Re: Zeeltronic Ignition

Post by luggy »

would like a copy of your programmed timing,see if i can get likewise power :mrgreen:
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Re: Zeeltronic Ignition

Post by Mark »

Here's Ians dyno graph.

Blue line is best previous run withut Zeeltronic electronic ignition. Red line is after fitting Zeeltronic.

82bhp with peak power at less than 9500rpm. Nice!!
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