Honda NS 400 R Workshop Manual

These pages are intended to be an aid to owners of the Honda NS 400R who do not own the original workshop manual.

While these images are supplied free of charge I highly recommend that you attempt to find a manual of your own, the quality will be much better.

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1: Information

Section 1 in Word format

2: Lubrication

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Section 2 in Word format

3: Maintenance

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Section 3 in Word format

4: Fuel System

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Section 4 in Word format

5: Engine Removal

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Section 5 in Word format

6: Cylinder Head

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Section 6 in Word format

7: Clutch/Kickstart

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Section 7 in Word format

8: Gearshift Linkage

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Section 8 in Word format

9: Atac System

Section 9 in Word format

10: Crankcase/Crankshaft

Section 10 in Word format

11: Cooling System

Section 11 in Word format

12: Steering/Front Wheel

Section 12 in Word format

13: Rear Wheel/Suspension

Section 13 in Word format

14: Hydraulic Brakes

Section 14 in Word format

15: Covers/Fairing/Exhaust

Section 15 in Word format

16: Battery/Charging System

Section 16 in Word format

17: Ignition System

Section 17 in Word format

18: Lights/Instruments/Switches

Section 18 in Word format

19: Wiring Diagram

Wiring_BW.jpg (486521 bytes)

Section 19 in Word format

20: Technical Features

Section 20 in Word format

21: Troubleshooting

Section 21 in Word format