Yamaha TDR 250

Info on my primary TDR 250. It's a 1991 black/purple one with 39,000 miles currently. Pick a link from the left. Oldest photo's are at the top. They generally get newer as you scroll down. Bike is now all together. Been riding it almost daily for a year now. Put 5500 miles on it since then. They are a few newer pictures of the bike as it was in March 2003. Running well, only needed oil, petrol and tyres in the past 12 months. I also have a copy of the workshop manual for the TDR250 if anyone needs any info or a page or two scanned just let me know.

I now have a second TDR 250. The new one is a black/yellow 1989 model. I have just finished replacing the crank seals along with fitting a reconditioned crank.The frame has been powder coated silver/grey. Not seen it yet so I'm not really sure if it will look ok with the black/yellow plastics. I will add some picture soon to show what it all looks like while it's in bits. The bike has since been rebuilt. I have finally sorted the wheels and both are now inline and have the proper bearings fitted. The grey frame looks good, a change from the normal black. Engine is smooth but I think the clutch is a little sad as it won't allow me to wheelie on the power like the other TDR.

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