Abba Skylift

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Abba Skylift

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Hi everyone,

I've just spent the summer blasting around on my NS400R after a few years of riding my VFR. I was living in Toronto, Canada who's streets are basically on big parking lot and the NS would overheat or try to all the time. Now that I've moved to a smaller city I've brought the NS out again and... well I'm sure you all know.... it's SOOOO AWESOME!!! I love that thing. I get the odd fellow lurking around it in parking lots but mostly nobody has any idea what it is.
ANYWAYS... this winter I'd like to tear it all apart and figure I'll need some sort of stand to do so. I was looking around the internet and came across the Abba Skylift. It's a bit pricy but it also seems like just the ticket. Would anyone have had any experience with this product or perhaps could recommend an alternative. I don't have the space for a big lift or bench and I love the idea that it'll just roll away out of the way.

Thanks my friends.

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