New member and a question

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New member and a question

Post by MikeNS400R »

Hi, I’m new to the forum, live in the East Midlands, UK, and own a 1985 direct sale Japanese spec NS400R, which I acquired from a family friend last week.

The bike is in very good cosmetic shape, 12k km on the clock, but hasn’t run for about two years. Seems it wasn’t stored too well, albeit in dry conditions.

I’m going through all the systems to make sure they’re in the best condition ahead of a fire-up attempt. CDI unit was dead so I have a replacement on the way.

I read on here that poor winter storage can damage the engine, but mechanically it all feels perfect.

Apart from making sure it has spark, new fuel, oil, coolant etc what should I do, critically, to give it the best chance of coming back to life?

I’m assured by my wife’s uncle (who was keen for me to ‘inherit’ the bike for £4200) that it was running well before it last went into storage.

Help and recommissioning information will be gratefully received 😀

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Re: New member and a question

Post by Bud977 »

2 years is not that long for things to go bad, so it should generally be OK.

The main problem will be gunged up fuel. It's a pain to wiggle out the carbs to clean them, so try starting it before you go to that stage and see how it goes. If it won't run cleanly, you'll need to pull the carbs and probably clean the pilot jets.

Channel Hopper
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Re: New member and a question

Post by Channel Hopper »

Before kicking over, take the spark plugs out , get a camera on a stick ( the sort for inspection for mechanical checks, though if you have access to hospital kit it can be used) and look down all the barrels.

Pistons crown and bores are important as are the ports on all corners, if there is any damage then you know you need to take the engine apart.

After that the bottom end, where the more expensive bits are, which are becoming unobtanium, followed by the gearbox and silt that can lie undisturbed for years until the bike is fired up, which will undo every bit of work you might carry out on the other engine parts.

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Re: New member and a question

Post by Alastair »

Just start it. It'll be fine.

If you are real keen, you can pretty much do what Hopper suggests by taking the exhausts off and peering with a torch/feeling with your fingers.

Rebuild is always a good idea on anything that age though. and to a lesser degree myself are your best sources for parts.

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Re: New member and a question


As the above advice all agreed but aside from a look down the plug holes and up the exhaust ports for any corrosion on the cylinders (unlikely) before turning it over a few turns with the ignition off I like to use a auxiliary fuel tank (cheap on ebay) and use a small quantity of fuel with some two stroke oil in as you can't be sure that the oil pump will work correctly or at all, then go for a test ride on it and see how everything works

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