Re build project!

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Re build project!

Post by Brayzie »

New to this forum, and just to give you the details for your comments!

Bought my NS, brand new in August 1985, following on from many years riding an LC350.

Had about 6 years of riding when circumstances changed, girlfriend, mortgage, kid, etc.

In 1991 thought it might be a good idea to strip it down and give it a good clean up!

Stripped it down more and more! Hence since then it's never been any further progressed.

Been riding a Honda Hornet for the last 15 years and on enquiring about a new bike in my local dealer I mentioned about my stripped down NS, which he told me would be well sought after to some people?

Getting to the point I would appreciate your comments on how to proceed with the sale!

As far as I know should have all parts and fixings, etc. Some in better condition than others.
Full service history, log book, owners manual, etc.

If you are up for a rebuilding challenge this should be perfect for you.

Thank you for your time

Channel Hopper
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Re: Re build project!

Post by Channel Hopper »

A general description of condition even though it is in boxes.

The slower or faster model.

Dismantled after emptying fluids ?


Method of storage (indoors or under tarpaulin)


Anything that might possibly have gone astray in the past 25 years

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Re: Re build project!

Post by Mark »

Mark Yeaden off here is looking for a project...
If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is.

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Re: Re build project!

Post by Brayzie »

Hi all,
many thanks for reply.

I would like to sell as one if of interest? I'm sure most of the spare parts would be of interest!

General description and condition of bike and parts:
Frame and wheels been outside covered up for last 25 years so therefore some corrosion on the framework.
Wheels similar condition.
Parts still attached to frame include front forks and again rust to top parts and slight corrosion showing on bottom.
Also electrical parts, clocks, guards, still attached to frame, similar sort of condition.

Fairing parts, side panels, seat parts, solo seat, padded seat, etc stored in garage and in very good condition.
Tank although faded good condition.
Exhausts and silencers generally good condition, re-spray needed but very sound.
Carbs look in good condition.
Plastic parts all stored inside again in good condition.
Rear shock, bought good condition in 1991 and looking good.
Rear swinging arm, re-sprayed in 1991 and also looking good.
All bolts, etc placed in containers and look ok.
Original, not modified paddock stand, although rust coming through looking good.
Engine, unsure, been garaged since 1991, had 17,650 miles on clock.
Have some brand new bits, bolts, helmet strap, 1xmirror, exhaust cover.
Have owners manual, service book, service history, keys, log book!
I have pictures which I can forward on to e.mail address if of interest plus any more info you need.

thank you.

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Re: Re build project!

Post by meals »

Hi Brayzie, is the bike sold, many thanks, Les

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