Front fairing paint

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Front fairing paint

Post by wolfgangh »

I need to get my front fairing Painted in HRC colors. Since the blue area in the lower front fairings ( separating the yellow area from the white) is a decal and not available, I need to get this part painted as well. What sequence of paint layers do you recommend? Since the red, white and yellow original paint is without clear coat, but the blue obviously needs a clearcoat being metallic, my idea is:

1. Blue base coat ( masking off the white and yellow areas)
2. Clear coat
3. Yellow and white

This would eliminate the clearcoat on the white and yellow areas.

Does this make sense, or is there a better way?
Or is there any source for the blue decals?

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Re: Front fairing paint

Post by Alastair »

The originals were painted white. The decal was applied with mask, yellow painted and the mask removed.

I have original decals but they are unusable. The originals were printed with metallic ink which you can't do digitally. Fox Transfers in the UK might be able to do it if you ask nicely as they still screen print (their background us in railway decals) . If you are keen and they are prepared to try, I'll send them original decals.

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