Head gaskets leaking

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Head gaskets leaking

Post by wolfgangh »

I did a full engine rebuild with all new gaskets and seals. Now after startup, all of my head gaskets are leaking. It is not heavy leakage, but after a 10 min run there are few drops of coolant on the floor. I am hesitant to use Bar‘s leak as it may clogg the radiator.
I used a gasket set from Ian ( classicracereplicas) with no additional sealant.
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Re: Head gaskets leaking

Post by Paul-IOM »

Check your torque settings, if it continues pull the heads again, clean all the gasket faces, smear a thin coat of sealant either side of the gaskets and re-assemble again.

I wouldnt use any form of radiator sealant as you are likely to create cooling system problems in the future.

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Re: Head gaskets leaking

Post by Alastair »

I'd discuss with Ian direct. He knows his product. He supplys quality parts.

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Re: Head gaskets leaking

Post by Mark »

I would avoid any kind of sealant added to the coolant.

As Alastair suggests, speak to Ian.
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