Hydraulic Clutch

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Hydraulic Clutch

Post by Seacoast69 »

Has anyone tried doing a hydraulic clutch set-up ?

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Re: Hydraulic Clutch

Post by geosot »

Not yet but I am willing to make one.

Channel Hopper
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Re: Hydraulic Clutch

Post by Channel Hopper »

Magura is the brand that makes conversion kits for 80s bikes including Honda two strokes. 10mm travel only though.

https://www.magura.com/en/components/po ... ge/?p=1853

Whilst it is claimed there is 20% less pull required, I'm not too sure the return is worth it, what with initial outlay, weight increase, complexity, the 'feel' one gets from a cable operated system and the fact this is just a small capacity engine.

Has anyone that uses the NS on trackdays or serious racing ever fitted this ?

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Re: Hydraulic Clutch

Post by Alastair »

Might be worth it on a 500 conversion. With heavier clutch springs

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