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Images In Posts

Post by Ian »

Registered users should now be able to post upto 4 images in a single forum post. The size of each image is limited to 800x600 pixels or 100kb in size. Only .gif, .png, .jpg, or .jpeg images are allowed. Only registered users who are logged in can view the images. Your profile must be set to use the Sub Silver style or the images won't work. I will update the Sub Black style at a later date.

To add more than 1 image to a post you need to add the first image and then click the "Preview" button. Then "Browse" for the second image and add that. And so on for upto 4 images. Try not to use the "Add Attachment" button more than once.

Please keep the images "on subject" and expect that any thing that doesn't meet my rules to be deleted.

Feedback about any troubles you might have to be posted in the Help/Support forum please.