The NS is backfiring

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The NS is backfiring

Post by jpschoener »

I having the left side exhaust backfiring. I also have blinkers that stop working when the bike warms up . Then start to work again ,when the bike cools down. Thanks JEFF........
hi Jeff is looking for pistons for his ns 400. Maybe you could give me the phone # to a Honda dealership inthe U.K.

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Re: The NS is backfiring

Post by Ian »

Backfiring could be a number of things. Quickest way to test is to swap over the front two plug caps. That should move the backfire to the right cylinder if it is ignition related.

The indicators might be a back connection that is near the engine or exhausts that breaks down when warm. Follow the indicator wiring and disconnect each connector you come acroos until you find one that is dirty, corroded or loose.

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