Different jetting between the front and middle cylinder.

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Re: Different jetting between the front and middle cylinder.

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Racer wrote:Hi

If your question was aimed to me Channel Hopper, I had no air leaks between carb rubbers and carbs or above. Infact the carb rubbers I used was in good nick. My advice to Luciano is to go much higher in MJ on the no 2 cylinder. Raise from 130 to 132 have no meaning if it seize on 130. Make a change to 140 or 145 next time and tune down from there.
It was. I wasn't questioning your thoroughness on the sealing of the inlets either end of the carbs. From previous experience with 80's bikes, I have had things work lose a couple of times through vibration. but my steeds also suffer from general wear of a 30 year old part, and most times at standstill, idling and on the hoof, look and perform perfectly OK.
That is the state Honda wanted them to run at, a compromise between reliability and performance (how many RD/RG's are on the road/running these days?
Tuning the last horse out of an engine is nirvana for some, but having seen how the NS400 performs against all other bikes of the era, being in front on the circuit has less to do with the power at the front sprocket than the tyres, and whether the rider skipped the second rasher of bacon at breakfast.

I have no advice for Luciano, but I am intrigued you are opposing the suggestion to lower the main jet sizing on the rear cylinder. Can you give more input on this ?

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