Carb balancing

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Carb balancing

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Just hooked up my Davida Carb balancing set to the NS today. Engine is running ok, so this was done just for fun and to check out what the clocks would indicate. Bought the clocks a couple of years ago, but never got to use them, so I´m new to this. Can any of you pros tell me what I´m seeing here on carb#1? Seems to live a life of it´s own sort of.... All fittings are tight, engine are not thoroughly warmed up though, just been idling for 2-3 minutes, temp-needle just about starting to move. Carbs are std NS400R bored out to 28 mm by racer and combined with a bigbore 444-kit from Ians+++. Again: No problem with the bike! Just for fun...!

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Re: Carb balancing

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looks and seems ok to me
never touch a running system
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