Choke Issue

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Choke Issue

Post by Robbie8819 »

Hi guys/gals
My NS is not behaving very well. With the choke full on when cold it starts easy enough, but revs round close to 4000, when you back the choke off the engine stalls but easily restarts on choke full on. It doesn't idle when cold and I can't keep it running long enough to see what it's like when hot. The carbs are off and all are clean, the choke plungers all move freely, there is play in the choke cable, and the plungers return in OK. The float bowls are all clean the jets and airways are clean and clear. The carb manifolds look OK there doesn't appear to be any cracks but it's hard to see them all, their not rock hard they are soft enough to get a good seal, they haven't been off since new by the looks of them. All the cables have the right adjustment. Any ideas?
Yours in blue smoke

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Re: Choke Issue

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Spray light grease or soapy liquid over the manifolds to check for leaks.

On scooters sometimes a crank seal failure lets in air where you dont want it.

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Re: Choke Issue

Post by EdUK »

When I had this on my RD it was the slow running jets getting blocked. I now use a little REDEX injector clean in my fuel - it's meant for fuel injected petrol engines but it keeps my carb ones running sweetly. In my case it was residue from our modern fuel blocking the slow runners.

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