Neutral switch wire

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Neutral switch wire

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Hi all.
anyone got a diagram of the the connectors that go on the back of the ignition coils, 2 two that mount on the right hand side of the frame.
also I cant find where the the neutral switch wire connects into the loom,It looks original, has a male round bullet connector on the end but it is routed thru a cable guide at the back of the engine (on top of the crankcase) but this makes the wire quite short.
Ive looked at the wiring diagram but it just shows it going into the loom,

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Re: Neutral switch wire

Post by Seacoast69 »

Can't answer your question but I can say one of the back coils has a wire soldiered to it with a similar connector as the neutral switch. I believe the coil wire from the harness is blue, the correct wire to the neutral switch is Iight green ( maybe red tracer), not 100% sure.

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Re: Neutral switch wire

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Does this thread help ?


I will be in the lock up tomorrow morning and if I remember I'll take a couple of images of the frame around the RHS, just in case I left the coils attached when I took the engine out. It was a long time ago though.

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